Tropic Editions
Tropic Zine Issue 3
Marika Emi, Editor


4 pages, unbound
22.75 x 30 inches
Edition of 100

ISSN 2638-518X

Tropic Zine Issue 3 is a response to the isolation and alienation of our time; as a publication rooted in connection and collaboration, 2020 was the year to turn away from social media, toxic relationality, and virtual clutter, and look for our own abundance. TZ3 was a monthlong residency at Aupuni Space, where a group of artists developed their own practices in relation to the space and each other: Nanea Lum, Natalia Da Silva, Troy Taylor, Alec Singer, Jason Chu, and @crunchydavidige. It was an experiment in sustained processing, reacting, digesting, composing, and mobilizing. The result is a collection of four double sided folded posters.  Note: the physical edition is not currently available.
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