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Tropic Editions supports artist-driven publication proposals that align with our mission, with a strong emphasis on experimentation, critique, place-making*, and collaboration. First publications are welcome.

Proposals should be submitted for projects that are currently in development. We encourage projects that have room to evolve through an exchange between the artist(s) and the publisher. We provide ongoing support and guidance, as well as design and production assistance as needed. Artists must be open to feedback, editing, design and editorial criticism. We reserve the right for final approval of all publications prior to going to print production.
We will only review proposals for books that are conceived as artworks in their own right. Works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and catalogs of artwork will not be considered at this time. That being said, we encourage experimentation in form and concept and respect your possible interpretations of “artwork.”

Once printed, each title will be promoted online and through a small international distribution network of shops and art book fairs, and will include programming intended to engage and educate the public, such as a book release, lecture/panel, performance, or exhibition. Artists receive a small honorarium and a number of print copies of their publication, depending on edition size. It is understood that, as a nonprofit publishing endeavor, all proceeds from book sales will go towards covering the costs of production, as well as supporting future publications.

Proposal Requirements
- A summary of the proposed project (up to 500 words). This must outline the current progress status of the project and the production aspects of the book, including size and format, printing method, binding, and edition size. If there are any questions about production, including recommendations for print, please get in contact beforehand.

sample pages or images that directly relate to proposed project, including brief captions (no more than 10 total). Artists’ website, resume, or related portfolio. Link to social media is acceptable only if it represents the artists’ practice.

- A summary of projected costs and at least one funding strategy based on the content of your publication (i.e. grants, donations, fundraiser, pre-orders, promo materials).

Please email proposals and direct questions to: marika(at)

Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis. Selected projects will be notified within three (3) weeks of submission, provided that proposals include all required components. A more detailed production schedule will be established after acceptance.

*In this context, we consider place-making to be the creative reimagining of people and their relationship to place, both physically and mentally. We are looking for proposals that engage with a sense of place, and contribute thoughtfully to the project of place-making within the tropics and tropical diaspora, including but not limited to Hawaiʻi.

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