Tropic Editions
Tropic Editions is a Hawaii-based publishing imprint for artists’ books. Founded in 2018, we are now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to support critically engaged artists here in Hawaii and across the tropical diaspora.

Our publishing program supports artist-driven projects that forge connections between otherwise disparate locales and identities, with a curatorial emphasis on experimentation, social critique, and collaboration. We want to draw Hawaiʻi into an existing global discourse on tropicality, post-colonialism, and creative production in the tropics. Our namesake project is Tropic Zine, an annual print publication and organizing platform.

Our growing distribution network includes US and international stockists and, most importantly to us, engagement through art book fairs. To date, our imprint and publications have been represented in the following fairs: Printed Matter Virtual Art Book Fair, Brooklyn Art Book Fair, San Francisco Art Book Fair, New York Art Book Fair, Independent Art Book Fair (Brooklyn), LA Art Book Fair, Hawaii Zine Fest, Honolulu Print and Book Fair, Cebu Zine Fest (Philippines), FLAT Art Book Fair (Torino, Italy), Odds and Ends Art Book Fair (Yale University), Chicago Art Book Fair.

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