Tropic Editions
Rainbow Hash
Drew Broderick and Lawrence Seward

Saddle Stitch
20 pages
8.5 x 11 inches
Edition of 50

Design: Marika Emi

Summary: This limited-edition zine comprises a selection of eight postcards by artists Drew K. Broderick and Lawrence Seward, exhibited as part of Rainbow Hash (2019) at Aupuni Space. 

An excerpt from D.K.B.:
“Across these assembled surfaces, frames of reference slip between fantasies of Hawai‘i, as a tropical island paradise of the Pacific and as an illegally occupied sovereign archipelagic nation of Oceania. Mixed in, here and there, are nods to ‘Western’ painting and continental urban epicenters. The muthos of each place are read with and against oen another...

In time, even the most acerbic criticisms become outdated cliches, much like the postcards-cum-mail art that litter these pages. Circulated at irregular intervals over the course of 2018 between two locations, Hawai‘i and New York, and two people, Drew Broderick and Lawrence Seward, in the instance of this two-sided exchange, no one went on vacation–‘Wish You Were Here.’ Instead, reclaimed material has been mailed as day to day schedules have permitted, before work, after school, during lunch break, whenevas.

As many have noted, the outmodedness of media, in this case postcards and mail art, contrary to signaling ‘the end,’ often becomes its own form of generative potential.”
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