146 pages
7.5 x 10 inches
Edition of 500

ISBN 978-1-7325890-0-1
ISSN 2638-518X 

& Design
Marika Emi

Art Direction
Drew K. Broderick

Aaron Wong

Tropic Zine 
Issue 1

Tropic Zine is a forum for critical engagement with contemporary culture that seeks connections between Hawaiʻi and the tropical diaspora worldwide. Imagine the publication as a dynamic web of relations, simultaneously drawn together and repelled by experiences of place. Tropic Zine produces one print publication a year, which follows no set format or timeline, and publishes digital-exclusive features on e-Tropic.

Issue 1 features Hawaiʻi as an origin point. It facilitates a deeper and more critical relationship with the Hawaiian Islands that subverts expectations of a place often known to the world as a stable and predictable tourist commodity. It prioritizes independent, self-aware, queer, hybrid, engaged, contemporary voices who define culture on their own terms through new editorial projects and collaborations.

Contributors: Borgy Angeles, Vincent Bercasio, Drew K. Broderick, Don Felix Cervantes, PARADISE COVE, Matthew Dekneef, Marika Emi, e-nico, Malia Gonzalez, Alana Hippensteele, Risa Hoshino, Tejas Jhaveri, Uluwehi Kang, Simone Komine, Derrick Lee, Lil’ Deb’s Oasis, Hadley Nunes, Vincent Ricafort, Melody Sakura, Josh Tengan, Toqa, Doug Upp, and Aaron Wong.

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Tropic Editions
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United States of America

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